Management Board

SCHWEICKERT – The Driving Force

We work to bring the right people together to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. We bring great value to clients by building partnerships and doing hands-on work. Since its founding, Schweickert has grown without diminishing the unique qualities that make people want to work for and with us. Each solution is grounded in how the client organization actually works, we don’t end up with standard industry answers. A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values based on responsible growth and reasonable profits which are reinvested for the future of the enterprise.

Ralf Schweickert

Chairman of the Board

Tel.: 49 (0) 6227 / 3886-0

Thomas Jung

Managing Director Operations

Tel.: 49 (0) 6227 / 3886-0

Dr. Kai Schmidt-Eisenlohr 

Managing Director Markets and Consulting

Tel.: 49 (0) 6227 / 3886-0

Matthias Reimann

Head of International Business

Tel.: 49 (0) 6227 / 3886-0

Over 400 employees

9 Business offices at 6 countries

6 Business fields

Turnover > 50 Mio. Euros

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